Upcoming Events

Celebrating the Summer Season at The Grove at Valhalla! 

Download our June recreation calendar for more information on exciting events taking place throughout our community! 



Father’s Day Celebration

Come on down and join us as we celebrate all of the dads and men at the Grove during our Father’s Day Celebration.  Special refreshments will be served, as well as entertainment by one of our favorites, Georganne, who will serenade us with many of the ‘ole standards!

Memorial Service

Each quarter of the year, we celebrate our dearly beloved residents who have passed on.  This is a time when we remember our friends and families who have left us. A service will be offered followed by refreshments.  This is a special time for remembering. Please join us. The date of our service will be announced on our June recreation calendar. 

It’s Cookout Time

The month of June signals to us that Summer is right around the corner.  Warm air and sunshine comes our way…as do our weekly cookouts. Each community will have two cookouts per month.  They are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday – please check your calendars for time and locales! 

The Grove Wine and Whiskey Soiree

The warm summer air in Valhalla, New York is the perfect setting for a Wine and Whiskey soiree! The Grove is excited to host local Case Managers and Social Workers to an evening of wine flights, whiskey tastings, mechanical bull rides, hand rolled cigars, and more! The evening begins at 5:30pm on Thursday, June 27th.